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The Secrets of Mudge Bay

Historical Fiction based on the real-life tragedy of Daniel George Dodge, heir to the Dodge Motor Company fortune.


Daniel was married 13 days to a telephone operator from Manitoulin Island who was making $15 a week.


The coroner ruled his death an ‘accidental drowning’.

The circumstances suggest otherwise.

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The Wedding

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Dodge Lodge

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A comic suspense, about 4 golfing buddies who go on a routine weekend to drink, chase and golf. They stumble upon a well-known bookie and criminal, and an opportunity to take their passion for sports fixing to the next level.


They must quickly decide how far they want to go into the dark side of sports. Despite early warning signs, they proceed to Ireland to fulfill their bucket list dream.


They were about to enter a world where murder was commonplace. A world a galaxy away from the one they lived in.


Some passions can be dangerous.


This is almost a fiction. 



I was raised in Markham Ontario by a stay at home mom and a hard-working father. I was a jock, playing all sports, showing some promise in golf and lacrosse. High school was mostly a party and I enjoyed statistics and business, but adored English.


Actually, I was in love with my Grade 11 English teacher (Nancy) and later my Grade 13 Advanced English teacher (Bonnie). I was blessed to have two intelligent, beautiful women showing me the wonderment of prose and poetry.  I took 3 English classes in Grade 13 (yes there was grade 13 when I went to school). I was hooked, all I wanted to do was write.


But college presented the world to me and all of a sudden, I realized I would need to get a job.

The next 35 years flew by, with very little time for writing. I ended my professional career as a senior executive for a multi-national office product company. It allowed me to travel the world and study a passion of mine; sports fixing. This was the basis for my first book, which I began to write while I was still working.


So now, here we are, 2 novels later. The second novel is based on a fascinating true story that I learned about on Manitoulin Island, where I spent my summers growing up.

The more I write the more I learn about myself. THAT is why I started to write. I am finding out now that I am writing to bring focus to things that are a mystery, unsolved or unexplained. I do like historical fiction. If you do a good enough job researching what is historically factual, then you can do a pretty good job, filling in the blanks.


I love to make people laugh.


We all need to laugh more and I try to put humor into my books. Even in a murder mystery, you can find some place to induce a giggle.


I want people to read my books. I want them to laugh if its funny and cry if it’s sad.


I do both when I write, so it’s only fair.

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