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A Visit to the Dodge Lodge

In late October, Rick Nelson, the curator of the Old Mill Heritage Center Museum in Kagawong, took us on a tour of the Dodge Lodge. For this author, an eerie experience, walking around the property and buildings that house so many stories. The building where the tragic explosion took place was of particular interest , virtually untouched in over 80 years. The entire property from the servants quarters to the tennis courts to the main lodge stirred emotions and thoughts of what may have been, in the 1930's. Should you be on the island, I would ask anyone thinking about reading my book , The Secrets of Mudge Bay, to purchase it from the Kagawong Museum. All proceeds go to help Rick and his associates run the Old Mill Heritage Center. A very special thanks to Rick for taking the time on that chilly day in October.

The garage where dynamite exploded critically injuring Daniel Dodge and others.

Below, the main lodge.

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