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Little Current's Iconic Anchor Inn Hotel

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

The Anchor Inn, (below) as it looks today, was originally, the Mansion House Hotel. Shown here, (left) circa 1920.

The owner of the Mansion House Hotel, was Mr McGovern. He knew Daniel Dodge very well. Daniel and his young fiancee (Laurine McDonald) had many dinners there in the 1930's. Daniel tragically drowned,(so the records show) 13 days after he had married Laurine.

In a Telegram article, printed shortly after the tragedy, Mr.McGovern is quite clear about what he thinks'really' happened.

"Some people are saying he jumped out of the boat. Danny wouldn't do that, I think he was thrown out."

In my historical fiction, 'The Secrets of Mudge Bay', I refer to the hotel as the Anchor Inn. (Even though at the time, it was the Mansion House) I do this to give the reader an association to a place that exists today.

The hotel has been there since the 1880's. I encourage anyone that goes to Little Current, to visit the Anchor Inn.

A must see.

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