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Updated: Jan 9

Perrine is now available on and It will be coming to shortly.

Here is the back cover copy describing my latest fiction.

Perrine Kalt, the daughter of an eminent psychologist, is a woman of many talents.

Blessed from birth with the potential for higher intelligence, she holds two degrees, business from Oxford University and psychology from Yale.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Perrine Kalt is profoundly immoral and wicked.

She is focused, driven to be the best, crossing any line to achieve her goal. Money is her sole motivation in life.

Her skill set is best served by detaching a person’s attention from their environment while extracting their wealth.

The term “gold digger” only scratches the surface in describing this succubus.

Perrine is untouchable, always miles ahead of the law, until she attempts the most challenging sting of her nefarious career.

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